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The competition in Hollywood is always high. You never know who has made the most money in a particular year until it is over and all the films have been released. A movie is brought out and you may think that some is going to earn the most money. But, before you realise, another blockbuster has been released and somebody else is edging up the list.
So, who made the most money in 2011 in Hollywood?
1. At the top of the list is the creator of Avatar, James Cameron, of the Creative Artists Agency (CAA). Unsurprisingly, he got to this position because of Avatar. He made $ 248 million out of the film. In addition to that he landed a $5 million deal for the toy licensing. As well as $4 million from previous film projects. That brings his earning total to a staggering $257 million.
2. In second place is Johnny Depp. His estimated earnings in 2011 were $100 million. He works exclusively with United Talent Agency. As you may notice thImage By: atempletonphotoe difference between Johnny's earnings and that of James Cameron is quite substantial. He was paid $40 million for starring in “Alice in Wonderland” movie and then $35 million as an up-front payment for “Pirates of the Caribbean”. He also received $20 million for acting in “The Tourist”, then $5 million from previous projects.
3. Third in the list is Steven Spielberg. A Director and producer with CAA. His 2011 earnings are estimated to be around $80 million dollars. $50 million of that was from consultation fees, $20 million from producing and directing “War Horse” and from previous projects he earned an estimated $10 million.
These are the top three 2011 Hollywood earners. We have only depicted earnings from films. Other incomes from investments are not included.

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