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Looking back over the list of former presidents of the United States, there are many names which immediately jump out for their notoriety today, none more so than Abraham Lincoln. There are many strange facts about honest Abe, one being he remains to this day the tallest man ever to be elected President, having stood at 6”4. Strangely for a nation shrouded in Religious fervour, Lincoln also had some rather supernatural beliefs in the occult.
Image By: KellBaileyNow his life story has taken an even stranger turn with a new Hollywood blockbuster Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Slayer. The two men working behind the camera and developing the visuals are the ever enigmatic duo of Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, Alice in Wonderland) and Timur Bekmambetov (The director of Wanted).
This latest film centres around the plight of the 18th President, as he discovers the existence of a race of vampires, who seek to overthrow the United States and feast on the blood of the living. Abraham Lincoln makes it his sole mission to prevent this from happening and slay as many of the critters as he possible can in the process.
Burton is revered the world over for the obscure themes and dark overtones of his films, and he is a long-time collaborator with Johnny Depp. However, a new collaboration could be in the pipeline with rising star Benjamin Walker in the lead role. It is not easy to wear the huge hat of Abraham Lincoln while fighting Vampires and saving the world from total dissolution, but Walker excels.
The concept of the film is outlandish to say the least and Walker believes this break from the norm is to its credit. He said: “I imagine there will be some people that will be sceptical and I would say, give us a shot, because in a landscape of movies where we've got a lot of reboots, sequels, franchises and toy movies, we're doing something new!”

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