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First dates are traditionally used as a way of getting to know somebody that you like a little bit better. Although, this is not 100% true today. Technology has done its part to quicken the process and made getting to know one another a lot easier. Due to the availability of mobile phones and the internet, most people nowadays only meet each other when they know literally know everything already. Because you already know so much about your date, meeting for a movie is a great idea.
How to choose the best romantic movie?
If you have ever fallen in love, you know that the beginning of a relationship is the part that you will never forget. For this reason, when considering the right film, you want to keep things positive and happy. You don't want to watch something that will make either of you sad, scared or embarrassed.Image By: minds-eye
Before choosing the movie, have an idea of what you want to watch, and make sure you know all about it. It is a wise idea to watch a movie you have already seen before. This way, you will know what happens, and you won't be taken by surprise and end up ruining a perfect evening.ou sad, scared or embarrassed.
Get to know each other's likes and dislikes. Many romantic movies are mixed with other scenes. Take for example “The Pirates of the Caribbean”. It is a love story that also contains scenes of adventure and comedy that anyone can enjoy on the first date. But this will only work if you both like Hollywood blockbusters. When choosing a movie, keep the other person's passions in mind. One way to see what they like is to check their Facebook page, where people often list their favourite movies. 
Pick movies with good, positive endings. “And they lived happily ever after” is always a good way to finish a film, if you want to be in a good mood. This kind of ending will leave both of you smiling and in the right frame of mind to continue your date.


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