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It seems like every time a film does well at the box office, movie studio executives want to make a sequel, or even a prequel out of it to earn some extra cash. The problem is that it is sometimes tough to follow a really good film with another. Out of all the sequels that have ever been made, it is much easier to list the weakest than the good ones.
Some of the worst movie sequels ever made include:
Titanic II - The first Titanic film was one of the highest grossing blockbusters of all time. Titanic II did not even make it to the cinemas; instead it went straight to DVD. While mImage BY: petesimonost people saw the first Titanic when it was released, very few have seen its sequel. 
Saw III to VI - What started out as a horror movie with a refreshingly different plotline has become a redundant series of films. On the success of the first Saw movie, there have been 5 others made since, released annually. The plot has not been injected with new life since the first sequel and the originality of the movie has long disappeared.
Sex and the City II - Millions of women, and some blokes too, around the world spent years following the love and sex lives of Carrie Bradshaw and co. during the television series' many years. Once the show finished, a movie was made based with the same characters and actors. But, the second instalment of the film did not live up to expectations, despite the big budget, exotic location and designer clothes.
Final Destination - All the sequels of this movie have been disappointing. The first few have done relatively well at the box office in terms of ticket sales. But, the movies have failed to introduce new stars like other teen horror movies (think ‘Scream' by Wes Craven).

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