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Sequels to popular films remain one of the most highly popular mediums today, but why? Note that seven of the highest grossing films in 2011 were all sequels, such as Harry Potter, The Hangover II and Kung Fu Panda II. When the original does well, it seems logical that the men and women behind the scenes in Hollywood would want to tap into that interest and monetise it. It's simply a case of giving the people what they want.
One highly anticipated sequelImage By: Luke M. Schierholz just so happens to be The Dark Knight Rises, a movie title on the lips of every film critic from here to Timbuktu just now. And after the record breaking numbers of The Dark Knight, this is something to be expected. Not to mention the posthumous Oscar that went to Heath Ledger in the months after. It is safe to say this film needs no building up.
Also, it will mark the end of Christopher Nolan's involvement in the Batman saga, and the Bat himself Christian Bale will hang up his cape once and for all. Tom Hardy will play the arch nemesis of the caped crusader in this end to the trilogy, playing the super villain Bane. Sadly, this chapter of Gothum City is nearly over, but it can only be a matter of time before another visionary takes on the creative charge and reinvents Bat Man for a new audience.
Another sequel on the horizon is The Bourne Legacy, a film based on the fourth book by Robert Ludlum about the amnesiac assassin Jason Bourne. However, one major difference this time, Matt Damon will not be reprising the role he played so adeptly in the three previous films. Jeremy Renner takes on the mantle in the leading male role this time playing CIA operative Aaron Cross. We await to see what other sequels fall off of the conveyer belt in the not too distant future.

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