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A new, potentially explosive, addition to the dirty cop genre of procedural crime movies Rampart will be landing on UK screens in February of this year. Starring Woody Harrelson, Steve Buscemi and Sigourney Weaver and helmed by Israeli writer/ director Oren Moverman (whose debut film The Messenger earned Harrelson an Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor in 2009) Rampart is based on the true life story of the fallout which followed the notorious LAPD Rampart scandal of the late 90s. That scandal, in which a group of LA Detectives were accused of everything from drug peddling to armed robbery to involvement in the Biggie Smalls shooting , had plenty of material for an exciting movie so fans of the genre would appear to have plenty to look forward to.
Adding more intriguImage By: myshutterrockse to the story is the presence of the famously cantankerous crime novelist James Ellroy on the credits as a co-writer. Ellroy, whose formidable body of work includes classics like LA Confidential, American Tabloid and My Dark Places, has had a somewhat difficult relationship with Hollywood during his long and storied career and has never been shy about criticising the film industry. However, it is his original draft of the screenplay that Moverman took on and shaped into the finished film and, apparently, the easily displeased Ellroy is happy with the results.
Further flavour is added to the film by the reaction of Harrelson to the final cut. Harrelson professed to be unhappy with Overman's finished cut on first viewing but on second viewing came to the conclusion that it was “one of the greatest things to ever happen to me in my career.”
So, a barnstorming true story, a script from one of America's most controversial crime writers and high emotions amongst the cast. Rampart is one to watch out for in 2012.

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