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Going out to the cinema to watch a film is becoming quite expensive due, in part, to the economic downturn. The prices for tickets and refreshments have all risen and, today, you would be lucky if you spent less than £10 on a night out at your local picture house.
Here are a few ways to save on movie tickets. Image By: scypaxpictures
Avoid weekend nights. Tickets from Friday to Sunday nights are expensive because those are times when high attendances are expected. Opt to go on weekdays when the ticket prices are lower.
Avoid online reservations. Making a reservation online can save you the time, but not always money. Online reservation websites sometimes charge you an extra fee for using their services. If you need to make a reservation online, have a look for coupon codes and vouchers. You can often find 10-20% off deals.
Avoid the cinema. Leave the movie theatres and search for other means of watching the latest films. Search your local directories for preview screenings, movie nights in bars and pubs, and special events at colleges and universities. There are also often websites that saw legal screenings of films for free, or a small donation, and television channels sometimes show low-budget films before they come to the cinema.
Register as a member. Becoming a registered member of your local cinema will help you save in the long run. Most cinemas, whether big chains or local art-house screens, offer you membership deals where you can get free tickets, receive a discount on refreshments and tickets, as well as other benefits.
Wait until the movie is out on DVD. If you are patient enough to wait, then this is the way to go. Unless it's a film that's been made by your favourite director or stars your favourite actor, you can surely wait a few months until the DVD release.

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